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  • Steve Bonenberger

Writers and Creatives #28

The Creative Psyche: Part One: Invigorate Daily!

N Vig R 8: Give (daily) strength or energy to:

Writing is an infusion.

Writing is an immersion.

Writing is an extension.

Writing is an excursion.

Writing is an expression.

Writing is an evangelism.

That represents a lifetime of service to God via writing words that He sent to me.

Words, images and impressions that were specifically and personally placed in the ether only for me, and me alone to reach up and locate and then carefully deconstruct and then righteously transport to this present world.

And then carefully, and with an eye not to embellish or in any way tarnish: reconstruct for human consumption. Human consumption and human improvement. Human improvement and social harmonies.

Social harmonies and spiritual atonements. Spiritual atonements and then the real outcome: Personal Redemption.

All writing and creative work in the end enacts and ushers in two human propellants:

Transformation + Transportation.

Your writing. Your creative passion simply must transform, and I mean in positive and helpful ways, human spirits. Then, your creative passion simply must transport human beings to safe and/or exotic spaces.

Invigorated daily. I see this vortex of positive and swallowing energy carrying and ferrying “The Work!”

I see this global embrace of me and The Team.

I see movies and specialty pieces.

I see interviews and video work.

I see long and highly profitable and culturally influential partnerships and creative combinations engulfing “The Work!”

Travel Far.

Pastor Steve Bonenberger,

Shepherd to Creatives Everywhere