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  • Steve Bonenberger

For Writers and Creatives Only #1 : Deconstruct from The Ether

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The cry and yearn is to piece-by-piece and brick-by-brick deconstruct your work that perfectly exists in the ether.

Then, ever so tenderly bring the piece into this world and carefully and artfully reconstruct the tale.

The real challenge is to not mess with the story-line.

The real work is to not imbue your embellishments.

The real challenge is to move forward with this kind of mythical, artistic precision in the reconstruction.

The image that comes to mind is an ancient Japanese artisan drawing lotus blossoms on rice paper.

I read once where a single piece would take them years to complete.

And that a ‘good day’s effort was to successfully complete a single brushstroke.

You have this kind of artistry living and screaming inside of you.

If you need a nudge.

If you require a writing or creative partner, ping me.